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Whether you can handle the matter yourself will depend on the facts, but the outcome of the case will be directly related to how you or your attorney handles the case. 

do i need an attorney for my car accident case?

sometimes the better question is, "do you feel comfortable handling the case without an attorney?"

1. Who was at fault for the accident?

2. What type of damages do you have?

​3. What is my case worth? 

Please understand that I do not have a crystal ball and cannot answer the above questions for certain, but as we evaluate those questions it will help us determine whether you need an attorney to handle the matter. 

Would you like to turn over the hassle of your car accident case to a professional that can get you better results with less work on your part?

"Joel and his team were a huge help to me after an auto accident. It was a tremendous relief to turn everything over to them and let them deal with the other insurance company. I can't speak to other areas of their practice but if you ever need assistance following an accident, I would absolutely recommend Harris Law."

                                            - L.A. (Nixa, MO)

You have already been put through the pain and inconvenience of being injured in a car accident. What you probably want is for the matter to be done so you can get back to your normal life. However, you still are asking that question, “Do I really need an attorney?” While every case is different, I can tell you that during a free consult we will evaluate the following to help you answer that question:

in cases where you do need an attorney, a lawyer can almost always get you better compensation.