We have been conditioned for years that we have no fighting chance against the law. The reason for this belief is our lack of understanding of the judicial process. While you may see the inside of a courtroom a few times in your life, many attorneys see it every day. The fact is you can win, and you can get out of the situation unscathed. However, every situation is different and requires the use of an attorney to tell you your chances of success.

Many times drivers don’t care about “beating” a ticket, they just want a second (or third or fourth) chance. This is the real value an attorney brings to the table. The truth is that you have no negotiating power without an attorney because the prosecutor knows you are scared to fight. Defense attorneys know how to handle your matter in a way that benefits you and your record. The attorney is your negotiating power because the prosecutor is now put in the position to prove you are guilty, which is not as easy as you think.  

Making a mistake does not have to result in major changes to your insurance or blemishes on your driving record. 

What is the real cost?

Seeing the flashing lights in the rearview mirror certainly creates an ominous feeling in your gut. You immediately start searching your dash board and mind for the reason you have been pulled over by law enforcement. You collect your thoughts, take a deep breath and begin to engage the officer as to why you are in the situation. For most of us there is no real concern that the encounter will result in jail time, so why be so concerned? 

Simple traffic tickets (speeding, stop signs, improper turn, etc…) can have a wide range of effects and costs which may include a couple hundred in fines, court costs, probation, community service, driving courses, and higher insurance rates. More serious charges (DWI, DUI, Driving while revoked, Carless and imprudent driving etc..) have a much larger effect and cost (possibly jail time) and are not matters you should handle yourself. While attorneys can cost and where from $150.00 to several thousand dollars for any of the above mentioned charges, it is likely that they will save you time, money, and freedom in the long run. 

I fought the law and the law won (pre-cursor: circa - before legal counsel)
1. Eight (8) points in an eighteen (18) month period means you lose your license. (No insurance = 4 points)

2. Points on your record may result in higher insurance rates.

3. Prosecutors rarely negotiate with non-attorneys.

Do you really need an attorney for your speeding ticket?

What you need to know about pleading guilty to a traffic ticket

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