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You are innocent until proven guilty, so let Harris Law help you get your life back on track by eliminating the long term effects a DWI can result in. 

stop the devastating effects of a dwi.

You were pulled over and arrested for DWI. You want to put this mistake behind you, but you do not know how. Harris Law will walk you through this difficult process and will help you minimize or even eliminate the devastating effects a DWI can have on a persons license, job, and life. With Harris Law you will:

  • Learn how you may be able to keep this DWI off your record. 

  • Learn how to get your license back.

  • Receive a detailed analysis of your case and how it might be won.

"Harris Law exceeded all expectations in every facet of my case."


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"Very nice guy, he sat with me and went through the in and outs of what I was dealing with at the time and after 3 other lawyers opinions Harris gave me the best advice I'd heard."