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This is the time that you need to call an attorney and set up a FREE consultation. An attorney can help you keep your license. An attorney can help you preserve important evidence that may help you win the case (this part is time sensitive as well). An attorney can answer your questions and put your mind at ease about what is going to happen. Call Harris Law at (417) 724-8003.

You will encounter several different costs during the process. If you lose your license you will need to complete SATOP to get it back which could costs $400 and up. SR-22 insurance may be required which could increase your insurance premiums significantly. Reinstatement fees are around $45.00, and you may have to pay more than one depending on the timing. Ignition interlock devices are required for subsequent DWIs which are a significant monthly fee. Court fines can vary, but most settle in the $350.00 range and add on court costs, law enforcement recoupment fees, crime victims’ compensations costs, and community service fees. You can expect an additional $125.00 - $700.00 for those additional fees. Attorney fees are separate from the above, but the good news is that attorney may be able to help reduce those costs. Call (417) 724-8003 for a FREE CONSULTATION to learn how much your attorney fees will be.

Step 1. The Arrest

A first time DWI is a Class B Misdemeanor. A second time DWI is a class A Misdemeanor. A third and subsequent DWI is a felony. A DWI attorney can help you evaluate your case to see where you will end up, but the range is anything from dismissal to real jail time. That being said, most first time DWI cases that have an attorney involved will result in no jail time and probation. Some result in the matter staying off of your record.

You have been arrested for suspicion of DWI. They should not hold you for 24 hours unless they are actually doing an in depth investigation. They may take your license and issue you a 15 day driving permit. DO NOT ADMIT ANYTHING. DO NOT DO FIELD SOBRIETY TEST. If you refuse to give a breath or blood sample then you will lose your license for at least a year. They may end up getting a warrant to take your blood anyway. Ask to contact an attorney, they must allow you 20 minutes to contact them. They must observe you continuously for 15 minutes prior to administering the breath test. 

Step 4. The Outcome

Your license suspension is actually separate from the criminal charges. You can lose your license without ever being found guilty of DWI. Sometimes a DWI takes many months to file, but at no point should it exceed a year on your first or second offense. You will need an attorney to represent you as you could see jail time for the offense.

Step 5. The Cost

Step 2. Your license

Step 3. Criminal Charges

Attorney Time

if you have been arrested for dwi then you will need to know what awaits you. dont go through this process alone. call harris law for a free consult. (417) 724-8003

The 15 day driving permit is to allow you time to get your affairs in order. Contact an attorney to find out how to keep your license. You can also review the back of the temporary license for steps you will need to take. If this is your first DWI then you will lose your license for 90 days unless you take some type of action. The suspension begins 15 days after you are arrested for DWI, so do not delay in calling an attorney.