Parenting Plans: Court’s don’t like to switch things up and replace a known with an unknown. That being said, the best parents don't raise their children by following rules written down on paper. I get it that some parents make it impossible to co-parent, and we have an answer for parents like that. Until then, live your life in the best way you can for your kids.

Child Support: It costs a ton of money to raise your kids, and Courts do not take a parents role in supporting their children lightly. That being said, child support calculations vary greatly because of the numerous factors considered. If you are that parent that provides a ton of support in traditional ways (buying clothes, food, health insurance, etc…), then we have a plan for you. If you are that parent that just wishes the other parent would help out, then we have a plan for you too. No matter your situation, a strategic plan of attack can benefit you tremendously when the divorce starts.

Property: Court’s traditionally have ordered fair and reasonable property divisions, although in cases of marital misconduct the Court has been inclined to offset the property and debt to benefit one party over the other. The most important thing you can do is document, classify, and protect your property from the onset. We can help you do that.

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"We hired Joel as our attorney for our custody case. He was recommended to us from a friend that is a top attorney elsewhere. We were so glad we did... The attorney on the other side of our case was supposedly one of the "top" attorneys in our area. Joel, having had so much experience with this attorney knew exactly what we were dealing with, and what strategy to employ. He provided us with such great advice that he put our minds at ease throughout the whole process leading up to trial. Joel is kind, attentive and we felt like we were his only client, even though we knew how busy he was in and out of court. At the end of it all, we got the exact outcome we had hoped for, and now consider Joel a friend. How often can you say that about your attorney? Joel is affordable and highly knowledgeable. We didn't have to go into debt to hire him or pay his bill. He is a good man, shoots straight, and always gave us the same legal advice he would give his own family. He never padded the bill for extra hours or silly motions that he knew would go nowhere, he is a stand up guy that we completely trust and will always be our attorney from here on out. I don't think we could have been more pleased with our experience, he made a bad situation bearable."

                                                            - S.C. (Nixa)

3 things you should know before filing for divorce.

Recently divorced parties all echo the same phrase, “I wish I had known that before I filed for divorce.” It’s not that knowing this information would have changed their decision to file for divorce, but it may have changed their expectations and how they approached it. While three things don’t cover the myriad of questions you probably have, they should address at least one question going through your head. The rest we can address during a free consultation.

At your free consultation we can do the following:

If you have kids, we can show you affective and popular visitation plans as well as address how child support is calculated (I would even be happy to calculate a projected child support amount for you).

If you have property to divide, we can show you what types of property (personal, real estate, investment) get divided and even discuss more complicated methods of dividing retirements, pensions, 401K’s, etc.

If maintenance (what we used to call Alimony) is at issue, we can discuss your chances of success and possible maintenance amounts.

You can ask me anything you want about your divorce, and I will give you my honest straight forward answer. (Remember, you are asking me for the truth, not what you want to hear.)

Before you file for divorce you should know this:

1. Parenting Plans mimic your life, not the other way around.
2. Courts almost always Order Child Support.
3. You are entitled to ½ the marital property. (Gifts, inheritance, and pre-marital property are not marital property.)